With the help of specialists from private and government medical centers, RREA organises regular health camps- Physical and Mental- for the local populace of the rural areas in and around Manipur. Apart from health check ups, these camps sensitise them about various health benefits, basic precautions, and flagship programs of the government.

In September 2017, a medical camp for women was organised in Lathungching Village, Manipur, with specialists from various department including, gynecology, ENT etc. The camp was attended by more than 200 women from different communities.

A fellowship has been initiated which will cover the health institution in the Kamjong District, Manipur and try bringing in a positive and innovative changes.


Through this program we intend to make the populace financially secure by giving them the ownership of their own work. This would be done by developing their skills, especially for women, making them aware of various occupations, financial and market skills etc. This area being rich in resources needs a proper channel through which the rural population can use these in a lucrative manner, while keeping their cultural/tribal values and sensitivities in mind.
Other than supporting them on the ideation level on livelihood, we also intend to impart rights based knowledge to capacitate them in living a just life wherein they can ask question, and demand their rights.


Teach For North-East is an initiative started by Recognize Rise And Empower Association, a Non-Profit organization based in Imphal, Manipur.​


RREA aspires to use innovative methods to bring empowerment to the areas in focus. We aim to give the youth, especially girls, a well to do environment where their sportsmen spirit can be nurtured and made more efficient. This we intend on doing through infrastructure availability, training by experts, scholarships, regular sports tournaments, including sports as a permanent extra curricular in all primary and high schools.


While securing people’s livelivelihood we are also concerned about the well being of the ecosystem, hence under this program we aim to revisit the livelihood activities of the local to make it more environmentally sound and more productive. This also includes sensitizing the people about the need to protect the environment, through various workshops and sessions.


No praxi is complete without a theory, hence we aim to create an information pool, through extensive primary and secondary research, in the form of research papers, monographs, periodicals etc. This is done through a long research projects joined by researchers from various part of india and from various areas of study. In October 2017, a research project was carried out by a group of 5 researchers in 40 villages of the KAmjong District. The research was focused on the areas of livelihood, education, health and sports. The researchers interacted with the local tribal villagers, headmen, officials of the district administration etc. The final recordings of the research, plus the suggestions of researchers were then sent to the DM. RREA fellowship focusing on introducing innovation projects in the above mentioned sectors was a result of brainstorming by these young researchers.

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